At Kwadusa we know that Africa can! That’s why we combine the best of two worlds: African prints and fabrics with Danish design. The result is unique limited edition collections that salutes slow fashion and good craftsmanship. Because when you buy our clothes, you and your children are not only well-dressed, you also support a growing African fashion scene.

Kwadusa is founded with a desire to combine African crafts with Danish design and at the same time support the huge initiative and drive that Africa also has to offer.

Our designs are based on the classic African wax prints that many associate with Africa today. The wax prints, whose name indicates that the prints were originally made with wax, brought by the Europeans to Africa – through Indonesia – where the tradition originates.

Especially in West Africa, the wax prints have become an integrated part of the culture, using the prints to express attitudes, displaying their cultural affiliation, social empire or supporting their candidate for the presidential election.

Kwadusa (Kwadu Sa) is one of the oldest textile designs from the 19th century. An Indonesian design tailored to the taste and culture of Africans. Directly translated, it means banana-hand, i.e. bunch of bananas. In Ghana, the design has also been called “Independence”; referring to Ghana’s independence.