Children’s clothing online

Kwadusa is functional clothing for children aged 1 to 10 years, focusing on quality, design and sustainability. The clothes from Kwadusa offer you the opportunity to dress your child in unique clothing produced with care and with attention to details. We differ from many other children’s clothing brands with our colorful and beautiful African fabrics, which are called wax prints.


Wax print fabrics are handpicked at the local markets in Kenya. Because many of the fabrics are only produced in limited quantities, some of our clothes are also only produced in limited editions. The Limited Edition products are all marked with no x out of x products. It makes you able to see, how many pieces we have made of each style and you know that your piece of garment is something very special.


We want to offer parents, grandparents and other family members and friends the opportunity to buy unique children’s clothing online. Clothing offering beautiful prints and functional designs as well as supporting good working- and trade conditions.

Kwadusas clothing consists of colorful African prints and jersey items including t-shirts with cool prints for children aged 1-10 years printed by hand. Prints that are printed by hand provide a unique product and expression that stands out from the mass-produced clothing.

It is important to us that the clothes are produced under good condition and that the workers are offered a fair wage. Through our cooperation with Kiboko Leisure Wear in Kenya, who is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, we are supporting the creation of jobs and growth.

In the webshop you can find children’s clothing in all variations and colors for boys and girls. If your child needs a new jacket, dress or some nice shirts, you can be sure to find a wide range of styles, you have not seen before.

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