Business partner


Kwadusa have several business partners. Right now, our entire collection is produced in Nairobi, Kenya, but on a longer term, we would like to expand to other African countries.


Right now, our biggest business partner is Kiboko Leisure Wear, as they account for the majority of our production. Kwadusa work closely with Kiboko Leisure Wear and we come regularly at the factory to keep track of how production takes place. It is important for us to ensure that our products are manufactured under good conditions. Kiboko Leisure Wear is located on the outskirts of Nairobi and is a growing company with almost 100 employees. Kiboko’s production line is designed in collaboration with a Danish expert from the Dansk Fashion and Textile and Handicraft Council to ensure good working conditions and an efficient production. In March 2015, The World Fair Trade Organization certified Kiboko Leisure Wear, and thereby Kiboko complies with the global Standard for Fair Trade Organizations and has been registered as a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization.

Textile suppliers

We travel regularly to Nairobi and all fabrics, zippers, buttons, etc. that is used in the production, are handpicked at the local markets. It is important for us that the quality is right.