Organic children’s clothing

At Kwadusa, you can buy clothes for your children aged 1 to 10 years. We combine Danish design with colorful African fabrics and the result is unique, urban children.
Good design and good quality is important to us, and we want to give parents the ability to choose organic clothing. Therefore, we have a selection of organic children’s T-shirts in our shop, made of cotton produced in Uganda and Tanzania.


Africa is a continent of great diversity and many different trends. Many of the African countries is undergoing rapid development, i.a. in art, culture and design. We would like to be part of this positive development and by being produced in Kenya we are helping to support job creation and development.

Change does not happen in a day, and Kwadusas aim to produce in Africa and at the same time be able to offer organic and fair trade produced goods in good quality at a reasonable price is not always easy and easily available. However, we try to make the best of what Africa has to offer, and we are pleased to offer our customers delicious organic products and hope that in time we have an even larger selection of African produced organic products.


In the design of our children’s clothing, it is crucial that the clothes are functional and comfortable to wear. It is important that clothing provide space for movement and expression, and that it does not restrict the children in their activities and play.

Kwadusa differs from other children’s clothing manufacturers in our prints and our designs. The African twist is evident in the colorful print that most of our clothes have.

In Kwadusas shop, you can see our collections of fair trade African children’s clothing. If you are interested in organic clothing, it is also possible. We have a selection of pleasant t-shirts for boys, girls and babies. The organic children’s clothing are available in a wide range of colors and with many different prints, that all are printed by hand.

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