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Kwadusa combines the simplicity, style and functionality of Danish design with colorful African textiles. The result is high quality clothing with an urban look leaving room for movement and play for boys and girls in the aged of 1-10 years. With focus on sustainability, fair trade, quality and design Kwadusa creates children’s clothing, that modern and deliberated parents and grandparents can buy with a clear conscience, which they themselves and the kids love.


Kwadusa takes its point of departure in Africa and the skills of Africa. Kwadusas designs are made in Denmark, but the purchase of textiles and the production takes place in Africa. Kwadusa is 100% African produced. In this way Kwadusa promotes the creation of growth and jobs on a continent that often is portrayed with a negative sign. Africa is a complex continent, but several countries is undergoing rapid development, and Kwadusa would like to support and be a part of that development. At Kwadusa we would like to help to accentuate the positive in Africa and show the huge potential of Africa!


All the clothing of Kwadusa is produced in Africa, and all the textiles are handpicked at the local markets. Many of the textiles are only available in limited quantities and limited time, therefore some of our clothes are limited editions. When you buy limited edition you get a unique piece of clothing that only few others have.

Kwadusa bomber jackets limited edition in many different textiles.


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